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Get the best education with Moodle

e-learning Co., Ltd. has been the No. 1 Moodle provider in Japan for five consecutive years (according to Moodle HQ)
The only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan!
Moodle professionals with a wealth of knowledge, know-how, and technical expertise deliver
a world standard learning environment


The service is provided
by Moodle Certified Premium Partner
with the No. 1 track record in Japan.


Why e-learning Co., Ltd.?

  1. The only Moodle Certified
    premium Partner
    in Japan

  2. Over 20 years
    of experience

  3. No. 1 Installation Results
    in Japan

  4. Advanced technology
    and expertise

  5. Development
    of proprietary plug-ins

  6. Secure Support

  7. Provide secure
    and stable environment

  8. No Infinity Life