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e-learning Co., Ltd, a Moodle Certified Premium Partner, has partnered with IntelliBoard, Inc of the U.S. to launch its learning analytics tool,” IntelliBoard”, in September 2022.

~Support collection, visualization, and analysis of learning big data stored in Moodle~

e-learning Co., Ltd, the only Moodle certified Premium Partner in Japan, has signed a formal partnership agreement with IntelliBoard, Inc, a Moodle Premium Integrator. IntelliBoard, Inc., (headquartered in the U.S.) in February 2022, and will begin offering the “IntelliBoard'” that’s the Learning Analytics tool (LA tool) for use with Moodle, the world’s standard LMS (Learning Management System), in September 2022.

Social Background

Educational institutions are rapidly accelerating their shift to ICT due to the impact of COVID-19. In line with this trend, there is a growing momentum to utilize and analyze educational data for learning and instruction, leading to even better education.

In addition, companies are increasingly adopting LMSs to promote DX and online training, while mandatory disclosure of information on human capital is being discussed, and there is a greater need than ever before to measure ROI (return on investment) in human resource development, especially in the collection, visualization, and analysis of training data.

In response to this social need, e-learning Co., Ltd.. provides educational institutions, companies, and other organizations with “IntelliBoard”, an LA tool from IntelliBoard,inc , a leading global provider that can be integrated with Moodle, to collect, visualize, and analyze big data on learning accumulated in Moodle. “IntelliBoard” is an LA tool from IntelliBoard,inc , a leading, globally proven provider of learning analytics tools.

About ”IntelliBoard ”

”IntelliBoard” is a specialized learning analysis tool that can be integrated with Moodle and other major LMS. With a simple click or tap, you can collect, visualize, and analyze data stored in Moodle in real time, display over 120 beautiful and easy-to-read charts, graphs, formatted analysis results, and reports in a customizable dashboard and using convenient features such as notifications allow you to gain deep insights into learning on a daily basis, develop improvement strategies based on objective data, and implement them quickly.

In the field of school education and human resource development, the PDCA cycle and OODA loop (*) are required for continuous improvement on a daily basis. “IntelliBoard” is an LA tool recognized worldwide as a powerful tool for utilizing Moodle’s big data, and is an effective tool for supporting accurate and quick decision making and subsequent action regarding education in any organization, and for advancing learning. It is an effective tool to support accurate and rapid decision-making and subsequent action on education and to advance learning in any organization.

(*Theory of Decision-Making and Action, which involves the four steps of Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.


About IntelliBoard, inc

Company Name : IntelliBoard, Inc.

Establishment : September 2015

Representative : Anatoliy Kochnev (CEO, Co-Founder)

Location : PO Box 474, Monroe, CT 06468, USA

URL  :

About Moodle

Moodle is the world’s standard Learning Management System (LMS), and according to statistics from Moodle HQ, with over 170,000 sites, 300 million users, and 243 countries and territories, it is the largest education platform in the world. (*as of 2022)( )

It has the largest market share among universities in Europe and Japan, and is widely used not only in the field of education, but also by global corporations, government agencies, and other organizations around the world.

As an open source system that can be designed flexibly, Moodle is known as an ever-evolving LMS, with features constantly being improved and added based on the knowledge of various developers and users.

e-learning Co., Ltd. is the No.1 Moodle provider in Japan (*according to Moodle Pty ltd.) and is the only Moodle certified Premium Partner in Japan.

About Moodle

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