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What is Moodle?

01. World Standard LMS

Moodle is the world's standard Learning Management System (LMS), and according to Moodle HQ, it is the world's largest education platform, with about 17 million sites and 300 million users in 241 countries and regions. (*As of 2022)

It has the largest market share among universities in Europe and Japan, and is widely used not only in the field of education, but also by global companies, government agencies, and other organizations around the world.

The main reason why Moodle continues to be chosen around the world is that it is the world's standard LMS - a system that has been refined and standardized by universities and other organizations around the world.

By using a global standard system and reforming the organization to fit the system, it is possible to review the organization's structure and way of being and to improve its international competitiveness.

*Statistics for Moodle HQ . Click here to see the latest data.
*Click here for Moodle case studies.

02. OSS
(Open Source Software)

As an OSS, Moodle is constantly evolving based on the knowledge of various developers, users, and partners in the global community, and because the source code is open to the public, malicious programs and security vulnerabilities can be addressed quickly.

Moodle, in particular, is supported by a very active community in OSS, so it is known for its reliability and stability. It is constantly being upgraded with new features and improvements, including security patches, and bug fixes, so you can use it with confidence.

Furthermore, Moodle's global community allows it to respond quickly to global trends and social needs such as open badges, GDPR, and MFA (two-step authentication).

03. Cloud-based LMS

Moodle that we offer through SaaS is a cloud-based LMS, so there is no need for your organization to design, build, and maintain servers and networks (troubleshooting/security measures, OS/software updates, maintenance, inspections, etc.).

It frees teachers from cumbersome tasks such as server maintenance and management, and at the same time, reduces costs associated with devices and systems, as well as operational costs. Our engineers, with their expertise and high level of technology, will provide the service using AWS, one of the most robust cloud hosting platforms in the world, so you can trust us.

And because Moodle is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Teachers, students, and learning administrators can easily access Moodle content from anywhere and at any time. And of course, it is responsive, so it can be accessed on any device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

You can also download the free Moodle App for iPhone and Android to save content and study offline.

Since Moodle offers a number of approaches to providing a sustainable learning environment, we can suggest a variety of ways to use it to meet your needs.

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04. Scalability and flexibility

Moodle is flexible and scalable, and can be flexibly customized to meet individual needs.

Moodle complies with various international standards such as Open Source Initiative, IMS LTI™, SCORM-ADL, Open Badges, etc. It is designed to be modular and interoperable, enabling seamless integration with external applications, platforms, and systems.

You can also extend the functionality of Moodle with plugins and add-ons created by developers around the world, so the possibilities are endless.

Examples of services that can be linked:

On-campus systems and internal portals

In addition to SSO (LDAP, SAML, OpenID, etc.), it is also possible to link with your current internal systems and internal portals.

External applications and platforms, etc.

05. Easy operation, multiple functions

Moodle comes with a lot of features as standard. By combining them in a flexible way, it is possible to customize it to meet your individual needs.

In most cases, what has always been done in the classroom can be done with the standard features of Moodle, without having to spend a lot of money and time developing a new system.

The simple interface, responsive design, and ease of use with which educational content can be delivered by clicking, dragging and dropping are also the reasons why Moodle has been adopted by so many universities and organizations around the world.

Image of Moodle Course Creation
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Main standard functions

  • Teacher

    Professors / Lecturers

    • Online Classes
    • Uploading class materials
    • Attendance management
    • Report/assignment management
    • Report/assignment grading and evaluation
    • Conducting tests
    • Test quality analysis
    • Advice in group/individual forums
    • Feedback
  • Student

    Students / participants

    • Access to class materials
    • Download class materials
    • Today's To-Do
    • Class attendance
    • Report/assignment submission
    • Test
    • Private files
    • Workshops
    • Interaction in group/individual forums
    • Questions
    • Questionnaire
  • Learning administrator

    Student Affair-, Academic Affair-, Human Resources-Divisions, Training staff

    • Attendance management
    • Performance Management
    • Progress Management Report
    • Completion Certificate
    • Open Badges
    • GDPR
    • SSO
    • MFA (two-step authentication)

06. Centralized management of all classes

Moodle is an all-in-one educational platform for face-to-face, practical, and online classes, making it possible to centrally manage all learning environments.

It is said that hybrid classes will become the mainstream in the future, where classes are conducted in a variety of formats to suit different purposes and situations. The problem with this is that each class format requires a different management method, which increases the complexity of the task. By using Moodle, which can also be integrated with internal systems, you can switch from complex management to simple centralized management, which will improve the efficiency of work within the university, reduce the time and cost for teachers, and help create an environment where teachers can focus on the education that only they can do.

For students, Moodle is a centralized platform for learning information, making it easier to access the information they need and creating a better learning environment.

Diagram of Moodle implementation in University
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07. Scalability and
global support

Moodle scales with the size of your organization, from a few to millions of users. And because it is a SaaS offering, if you change the number of users after you have signed up, you can simply change your plan and keep using it.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, and with more than 120 multi-language interfaces such as Japanese/English/Chinese, Moodle can be used by global companies and international organizations with confidence.

08. Reliable support

Moodle is OSS, so anyone can install it for free. However, if you don't have solid knowledge and expertise in Moodle, it can be difficult to find the best combination of features to suit your individual needs and create a learning environment. In addition, there are complicated tasks such as network and server management, and you will need to have people with expertise in your organization to keep it running.

We are the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan certified by Moodle HQ. Our Moodle professionals provide one-stop support for everything from networks and servers to content creation, providing an optimal educational platform for schools and organizations.

You will also receive an easy-to-understand video manual and PDF text created by Moodle professionals, so you don't have to worry about changing your staff in the middle of the project.

We also work closely with Moodle HQ to ensure that our support system is always up to date, so implementation is not the end of the story, but the beginning, and we provide continuous support for the construction and operation of a better learning environment.


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Flow of Implementation

The standard time
for implementation is two months.

We will create an implementation schedule based on your situation.
Please feel free to contact us.


Easy operation, multiple functions

Integrated management of production of teaching materials, submission of reports, and grade management

Moodle is the world's largest e-learning platform and the most popular LMS used by universities in Japan and Europe. It supports face-to-face classes, practical classes, and online classes. By centralizing all of the learning, teachers can reduce their labor and achieve high educational effectiveness.

With just a click, drag and drop, you can create and deliver courses, online meetings, video feeds, PowerPoints, and other educational content. You can manage attendance, tests, reports, grading, course management, grades, certificates, and much more. In addition, to meet the needs of the global era, it supports multiple languages, MFA, and GDPR. It can be seamlessly integrated with various platforms and systems as well as the university system.

Moodle is an Open Source Software (OSS), which means that it can be implemented by the customer, but simply installing a system will only increase the burden on the teacher and make it difficult to run a highly effective educational system. Moodle's true power can only be realized when a technician with expertise and know-how in operating systems, networks, and Moodle builds a system that best suits the needs of each university, and provides ongoing support after implementation.

As the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest level of service in the world. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you implement the best LMS for your university/institution.

Elementary school, middle school, high school

To enable content sharing among schools while protecting personal information.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has been working to improve the quality of education by realizing "optimal individualized learning" and "collaborative learning" to bring out the potential of all children, against the backdrop of the "Society 5.0 era," which will dramatically change the nature of society, and the "era of unpredictability" with an uncertain future, such as the spread of the new coronavirus. In addition, in order to guarantee the learning of all children even in emergencies such as the outbreak of new infectious diseases or disasters, we will improve the school education environment to support learning in the new era based on the realization of the GIGA School Concept.In order to achieve this goal, a basic policy was formulated to enhance instruction through the use of ICT and hybridization of face-to-face instruction with distance and online education.

In particular, Moodle is a very effective means of achieving the goals of creating an environment where ICT can be used on a daily basis, allowing students to use it freely as "stationery," using it to improve classes to achieve "independent, interactive, and deep learning," and using educational data such as study logs to enhance individualized learning.

Moodle is the world's largest e-learning platform and the most popular LMS used by universities in Japan and Europe. It supports face-to-face classes, practical classes, and online classes. By centralizing all of the learning, teachers can reduce their labor and achieve high educational effectiveness.

With just a click, drag and drop, you can create and deliver courses, online meetings, video feeds, PowerPoints, and other educational content. You can manage attendance, tests, reports, grading, course management, grades, certificates, and much more. By combining a wide range of functions, it is possible to provide a learning environment that meets individual needs.

As the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan, e-learning, Inc. provides the highest level of service in the world with the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over the years. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you implement the best LMS for your business.

Other groups and organizations (less than 1,000 people)

We have a proven track record of implementation in a wide range of organizations, including government organizations, local governments, medical institutions, academic societies, and NPOs. Moodle is also used by many international organizations for its multilingual support and GDPR compliance.

MFA can also prevent password leaks and reduce security risks such as personal information loss. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you implement the best LMS for your organization, no matter how large or small.

Product Comparison

Comparison of Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace features

Organised Learning

Moodle LMS Moodle
Organisational Structure
Import/Export competency structure
Learning plans
Automated workflows
Dynamic Rules based conditions and actions

Advanced Multi-tenancy

Moodle LMS Moodle
Shared Space
Shared Courses across tenants
Shared Programs across tenants
Shared Certifications across tenants
Shared Organisational Structure across tenants
Shared Dynamic Rules across tenants
Shared Custom Reports across tenants
Shared Certificate Templates across tenants
Multi-tenant authentication
Updating across tenants

Enrollment Management

Moodle LMS Moodle
Manual enrollment
Automated enrollment
Courses self-enrollment
Cohort and group based enrollment
Competency based enrollment
Fee based enrollment

Personalised Learning

Moodle LMS Moodle
Program Management
Certifications and compliance tracking
Re-certification management
User Dashboard
Learning Progress
Cohort tailored notifications and tasks
Alerts and notifications

Mobile App

Moodle LMS Moodle
Branded App
Offline Learning
Pushed mobile notifications
Mobile use analytics
Manager dashboard
Brand customisation per tenant

Social Learning

Moodle LMS Moodle
Peer-to-peer messaging
Tutor-learner messaging and conversations
Group assignments
Group conversations
Emojis (Messaging)

Content Marketplace

Moodle LMS Moodle
Proprietary content Integrate with any Content Source Integrate with any Content Source
MoodleNet integration

Course Management

Moodle LMS Moodle
Authoring tool
Multiple course formats
Activity completion management
Course completion management
Bulk update activity completion settings
Easy course duplication

User Experience

Moodle LMS Moodle
Turnkey solution
Fully customisable solution
Brand theme customisation
Custom main menus
Brand customisation per tenant

Evaluation, assessment and achievements

Moodle LMS Moodle
Opinion polls
Feedback questions
Quizzes and built-in assessment tools
Adanced quizzes
Secure quizzes with Safe Exam Browser
Certificates (program completion)
Badges, rewards or recognition
Competency completion based badge
Group Membership based badge
Gradebook and grading
Anonymous graders


Moodle LMS Moodle
Advanced Custom report builder
Learner drop out report and notification
Learner last login
Course reports
Admin reports
Report column aggregation


Moodle LMS Moodle
Automatic conflict resolution
Full site migration
Tenants migration
Courses and Course categories migration
Programs and Certifications migration
Certificates migrations
Custom reports migration
Dynamic rules migration
Organisation structure migration
Users migration
Cohorts migration
Migrations API
Migrations via Command Line Interface (CLI)
Ready for 3rd party exporting and importing


Moodle LMS Moodle
Network of local and global partners
Agnostic hosting
LTI enabled*
H5P integration and authoring
Open Badges v2.0
WCAG 2.1 AA accredited In progress