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【Moodle HQ Official】Moodle 4.0, the new version of the world-standard cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System), is finally released – UX has been greatly improved.

As the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan, we are pleased to announce that “Moodle 4.0” will be released on April 18, 2022, based on information from Moodle HQ.

“Moodle” is an OSS (Open Source Software) that is supported by a global community and is constantly evolving. “Moodle 4.0” has been developed with extensive input from developers, educators, users, and partners through workshops within the community and includes significant UX improvements, and is highly anticipated by Moodle users worldwide.

Major improvements in Moodle 4.0

◆Reorganized site, course, and module navigation, simplifying the navigation hierarchy and making it easier, more intuitive, and faster to navigate.
◆Reorganized course pages to make them more editable and easier to see what needs to be done.
◆Quiz and question bank functionality has been improved and will include usage, results statistics, comments, question versioning and more.
◆The Moodle login page will also be improved.
◆The experience will be consistent between desktop and mobile.

※Moodle will also be upgraded with other interface improvements, features, content, and plug-ins. Please contact us for more details.

The current latest version, “Moodle 3.11” is not a LTS (Long Term Support) version. The next LTS will be Moodle 4.1, scheduled for release in November 2022. If you are using the currently supported version, eLearning recommends upgrading to the next “Moodle 4.1” version. If you are using an unsupported version, please consider upgrading to the latest LTS version “Moodle 3.9” first due to security risks.

We are happy to consult with you regarding the version. Please feel free to contact us.

About Moodle

Moodle is the world’s standard LMS (Learning Management System), and according to statistics from Moodle HQ, with over 180,000 sites, 300 million users, and 242 countries/regions, it is truly the largest education platform in the world. (as of 2022) ( It has the largest market share among universities in Europe and Japan, and is widely used not only in education, but also by global corporations, governments, and other organizations around the world. As an open source system that can be flexibly designed, it is known as an ever-evolving LMS, with features constantly being improved and added based on the knowledge of various developers and users. e-learning Co., Ltd. is the No.1 company in Japan that has implemented Moodle (according to Moodle Pty ltd.), and is the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Japan.

※For more information on Moodle, please click here. here.

About Moodle Versions

Moodle is upgraded to a major version every six months. 3.9.7, 3.10.4, etc. The 3.9 and 3.10 parts of the version numbers indicate the major version, while the 7 and 4 parts indicate the minor version.
Only versions 3.11, 3.10, and 3.9 are supported.

※For learn more about each version release, please click here.

※How to check the version
You can check the version by logging in to Moodle as an administrator and going to Site Administration > Notifications.
In this image, the version is 3.9.13, and the major version is 3.9.