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【Now accepting applications!】
The Learning Innovation Grand Prix 2022, which seeks to discover innovative learning technologies, will create a new prize “Japan Moodle Innovation Award” .
~ The presenter will be Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle HQ. ~

e-learning Co., Ltd. and Moodle Pty Ltd (Moodle HQ) will establish a new award, the “Japan Moodle Innovation Award,” as naming rights sponsor for the Learning Innovation Grand Prix 2022 organized by the Learning Innovation Consortium (formerly the Microlearning Consortium).

The Learning Innovation Grand Prix has been held annually since 2016 for laboratories (teams) in higher education institutions (universities, graduate schools, colleges of technology, etc.) to discover unprecedented learning and teaching methods and styles, innovative learning technologies, and to propose new learning and teaching environments. Although the 2020 competition was cancelled due to the Corona disaster, it will resume in an online format in 2021, and in 2022, the Grand Prix winners’ presentations and awards ceremony will be held at the Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan, from July 13 (Wed.) to 15 (Fri.), 2022, in the exhibition It will be held during “Learning Innovation 2022” (hosted by Nikkei Shimbun (Japanese news paper) , Nikkei BP, and co-hosted by Japan e-Learning Consortium and Learning Innovation Consortium).

As the only premium partner of Moodle in Japan, e-learning Co., Ltd. aims to promote Moodle’s development and to showcase its scalability, which is still not well known in Japan. This award was planned with the cooperation of Moodle HQ. Eligible applications/services are those that use plug-ins for Moodle, the world’s standard LMS (Learning Management System), and Moodle Web API. The presenter will be Martin Dougiamas, founder and CEO of Moodle HQ.
We look forward to hearing from you.

◆Outline of “Learning Innovation Grand Prix 2022
Organizer: Learning Innovation Consortium (LIC) 
*Microlearning Consortium will be renamed as of April 1, 2022.
Co-organized by Japan Society for Information on Educational Systems (JSiSE), Japan e-Learning Consortium (eLC)
Sponsors (tentative): Japan Society for Information Science Education, Japan Society for Learning Analysis, Japan Society for Educational Technology, Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Information Processing Society of Japan
Cooperation: Nikkei BP, Ginger Up (official website)
Management: Learning Innovation Grand Prix Executive Committee
Announcement of winners: July 13-15 at the exhibition “Learning Innovation 2022”.

◆Call for Applications
<Eligible participants>
Laboratories of Japanese higher education institutions (universities, graduate schools, colleges of technology, etc.)
Research teams consisting mainly of students or young researchers (Applications for the first round must be submitted by students or young researchers, and as far as possible, applications for the second and subsequent rounds must be submitted by the same person. However, if the applicant is unable to make it, a substitute presentation by a member of the team is acceptable for the second and subsequent rounds of judging.)
Teams that have won the Best Learning Innovation Award or the Excellence in Learning Innovation Award in previous Learning Innovation Grandprixes are not eligible to apply with the same content.
In addition, as part of the publicity activities, you may be photographed, videotaped, published on the official Learning Innovation 2022 website, Facebook, etc., distributed to the media, and interviewed.

<Call for Genres>
The Learning Innovation Grandprix 2022 invites a wide range of research on new learning and educational environments, including not only technology fields but also educational practices and teaching methods.
Keywords: AR, VR, IoT, AI, deep learning, devices, platforms, educational big data, learning analytics, contents, educational practices, teaching methods, utilization of systems in educational fields, metacognition, SRL/SDL, etc.

More detailes (only in Japanese)>

About the presenter of this award (to be announced) Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle HQ

Reference:Official Site of Moodle HQ

―Where it all began: A remote town in Western Australia
As a young boy, Moodle’s Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas, lived nearly 1000 kilometres from the nearest school in a remote area of the Western Australian desert. This was in the 1970s, long before computers were a household item or readily accessible to students. To pursue his education, Martin’s family registered him into the School of Air – learning delivered through shortwave radio, the best available technology at the time. This experience with distance learning sowed the seeds of Martin’s vision to use the Internet to: Take education beyond physical classrooms that have barely changed in hundreds of years Enable quality education in all corners of the globe Coupled with this vision is Martin’s support of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights that everyone has the right to education. To break the barriers faced by millions in accessing education, Martin founded Moodle with the goal of creating an online learning solution that is flexible to learner’s needs, accessible, and would provide a quality education for all.

Check out the YouTube of the conversation between Martin and our CEO Matsuzaki!