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e-learning Co., Ltd. has been awarded the Moodle Certified Partner of the Year-APAC at the Moodle Certified Partners Awards 2023

e-Learning Co. was awarded “Moodle Premium Certified Partner of the Year – APAC” at the Moodle Partner Awards 2023 organized by Moodle HQ (Headquarters).

◆about Moodle Partner Awards

Created by Moodle HQ (Headquarters) starting in 2019, this award recognizes the outstanding activities of Moodle Certified Partners and Moodle Certified Premium Partners.

It is awarded to partners who have made outstanding contributions among more than 100 partners in more than 50 countries.

◆about Moodle Premium Certified Partner of the Year-APAC

This award is granted to the partner who has contributed the most to the popularization of “Moodle” in the Asia-Pacific region. As the only Moodle certifided Premium Partner in Japan, e-Learning Co. was recognized for its advanced technology, extensive knowledge and know-how of “Moodle” and its dedication to its promotion. The award was presented during MoodleMoot Global 2023, held in Barcelona, Spain, from September 18 to 21, 2023, and e-Learning Co. received the award for the second time, following the award in 2020.

As Moodle professionals, we will continue to promote Moodle LMS, the world standard LMS most used by universities in Japan and Europe, and Moodle Workplace, a corporate version of training LMS that includes features for companies in Moodle LMS, to promote EduDX (digitalization of education). By promoting EduDX (digitalization of education), we will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs goal of “high-quality education for all”.

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