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Japan’s Digital Agency Adopts AWS for Advance “Government Cloud” Projects

Japan’s Digital Agency has announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS), provided by a subsidiary of, and Google Cloud Platform, provided by Google, have been selected as the result of a public solicitation for the provision of cloud services for the development of a government cloud – a project to be carried out by local governments in FY2021 and the construction of the Digital Agency website.

The Government Cloud is a common cloud services usage environment for governments. By maximizing the benefits of cloud services, the government aims to build a fast, flexible, secure, and cost-effective system, and to quickly provide and improve services that are convenient for users. The Digital Agency Government Cloud is a cloud computing service that enables the creation of a digital government cloud.

For more information on the Digital Agency Government Cloud, click here. (Japanese)
For more information on the Digital Agency Government Cloud, click here. (Japanese)

With this adoption, both services will be used in the development of cloud services for prior projects by local governments and for the Digital Agency website.

Both companies are said to have met about 350 requirements for safety and business continuity, which means that AWS, which we use to provide Moodle and Moodle Workplace, has been certified by the government as a reliable cloud service.

The following is a summary of the benefits of using government clouds for local governments by the Information and Communication Technology (IT) Strategy Office of the Cabinet Secretariat, but the same applies to private organizations.

<The same applies to private organizations.>

(1) Joint use of servers, OS, and applications leads to cost reduction.
(2) Rapid construction and flexible expansion of information systems are possible.
(3) Data migration becomes easier when migrating applications, and data linkage inside and outside the agency becomes easier.
(4) It eliminates the need for each organization to take individual security measures and monitor operations.

Click here for “Utilization of Government Cloud by Local Governments (Draft)”, Information and Communication Technology (IT) Strategy Office, Cabinet Secretariat (Japanese)

We use Amazon Web Service (AWS), so if you are considering implementing an LMS, please contact us about our Moodle and Moodle Workplace services, which are available as AWS cloud services.