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Japan’s First Online Training System “Moodle Workplace” to be Launched on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 — Maximizing the Power of Teams with an Advanced Version of the World’s Standard LMS (Learning Management System) —

e-learning, Co. Ltd. will be the first company in Japan to launch the Moodle Workplace (MWP) on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

MWP is the corporate version of Moodle, the world’s largest LMS (Learning Management System), developed by Moodle Pty Ltd. in Australia. Currently, e-learning, Co. Ltd. is the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Asia that can provide SaaS and hosting for MWP in Japan.

■What is Moodle?

Moodle is the world’s largest LMS (Learning Management System), used in 245 countries/regions, with over 150,000 sites and over 200 million registered users.(
It is an open source learning management system that allows flexible system design, and its functions are continuously being improved and added based on the knowledge of various developers and users. By using these systems, you can provide valuable content and enhance the learning experience for your students.
In addition to the benefits for the learner of being able to access the course from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, and being able to take the course whenever and wherever they want, Moodle has also been highly evaluated for the benefits for the company of being able to support multiple languages, comply with GDPR, and provide the same quality of education even if different people join the company at different times, as well as centrally manage learning and grading.
e-learning, Co. Ltd. is the No.1 company in Japan with a proven track record of implementation for Moodle (according to Moodle HQ), and in February 2020, we became the only Moodle Certified Premium Partner in Asia.

■What is MWP?

Moodle’s main target was universities and other educational institutions, but MWP is a new online training system developed as a corporate version of Moodle, with many new features specific to the enterprise, including course management that reflects the hierarchical structure of the organization, and multi-tenant functionality that provides individual user management. The system is packed with new enterprise-specific features.
In the past few years, more and more companies have been shifting from traditional group training to online training due to changes in work styles and employment systems, but the spread of the new coronavirus has led to major changes in social systems, further strengthening this trend. From the perspective of risk management, remote work is expected to become the mainstream in the future. If you are considering online training in the future, MWP is the best choice for you.
Currently, only Moodle Premium Partners can provide SaaS and hosting for MWP, so e-learning, Co. Ltd. is the only company in Japan that can offer this service. Please contact us if you are interested in switching from standard Moodle.

■What can be achieved by implementing MWP

Enterprise-specific functions can be used to solve a variety of organizational issues. For example, the MWP features allow you to do the following

  • Reduce costs through centralized management and delegation of authority
  • Reduce human workload by automating student management and learning management workflows
  • Achieve unique learning & sustainable compliance education
  • Improve performance by creating and managing reports tailored to your needs

■Main functions of MWP

As with Moodle, MWP’s most important feature is its versatility and ability to meet the needs of each organization. In addition to the functions listed below, we can also propose the most suitable functions based on your needs.

  • Select the items you need in the custom report and send an email with Excel or CSV attached to the person responsible for management on a regular basis.
  • Create an educational program that brings together multiple courses.
  • Certify qualifications within the organization and recertify after expiration
  • Can issue competencies that define the human resources needed
  • Easy-to-use open badges
  • Tenant function that enables split management across multiple organizations
  • Support for web conferencing systems such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.
  • Multilingual support for over 120 countries
  • GDPR compliant